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Year 2017 – Think

Year 2017 – Think

How often do we stop and simply think. Not often.

That’s why before you begin the daily grind and the hectic routine once again in 2018, stop and think. Think about how much you have accomplished this year. Think about how far you have to go to achieve dreams. Think about the mistakes you made. Think about how you will work on your mistakes this year. Think about your relationships with your friends and family. Think about everything, and maybe write it down like I’m about to do.

This year has been filled with ups and downs. The year started off great, I knew it was going to be a milestone year for me as an upcoming senior in high school. So, I came into the year with boundless motivation to do my best in all my classes, to write my college essays ahead of time, to enjoy myself with my friends, to exercise and more.

However, the first setback I felt was on Jan 26th. Part of a school leadership trip, I was going to Savannah, GA because I was running for state office. I had campaigned, interviewed, and rallied with people for votes for the state office election. I remember thinking to myself, it’s okay if I win or lose this entire experience has been worth it. It was worth it. But it wasn’t okay. As I stood on stage with lights blaring at me in front of thousands and they called the state office names, and I wasn’t called; it was humiliating. Everyone told me it was okay, but I’m not okay with okay. I want to do better.

Feb 17. On this day, my mom dropped me off to the library to study for the SAT, and went to buy some groceries. It was quite ordinary. However, when I called my mom to pick me up, no one answered. It was quite odd. As I walked home, frustrated and cold, I found out my mom was in a car accident. She was rendered physically disabled and had to do physical therapy for a few months. Everyone in movies seems to recall the last words they say to someone before a tragic accident, but even to this day I don’t remember what I told my mom. It made me realize the importance of words more than ever. My mom and I have argued over numerous things getting into screaming matches, but I never truly mean anything rude I have ever said to her. Words have the power to hurt and to heal. This new year I want my words to be filled beautiful meaning.

Today was one of the rare days when everything went right. I had been planning a fundraising event all year for March 25th, and it went exactly as planned. I worked hard all day, but the satisfaction of delivering over 1,000 packaged lunches to charities was worth it.

As I got ready on April 22ndI got to have a night where I got to put my struggles and hardships behind. Cooking meals for my family, studying for my rigorous classes, preparing for standardized testing, volunteering with homeless shelters, keeping up with my new household responsibilities, and more were forgotten. April 22nd was prom and I had a memorable night with my friends. I hope 2018 brings more times like these.

Goodbye. May 27th was goodbye. Graduation for the class of 2017. Most of my good friends were going to college and starting a new chapter of their life. I wanted the best for them, but it somehow felt like I was being left behind. Goodbye, and may we keep staying in touch this next year.

June 4. Stuck in nature for 4 days. It was terrible. Some might say it’s a great time to appreciate natural beauty, but I think I would’ve appreciated more if someone brought me a fan and bug spray.

So, what did I do all summer? I interned. Exciting? No. Interesting? Kind of. I got to take a lot of stationary and coffee from my break room and pick up some neat skills. On July 27th, my internship ended (and I got best intern award not to brag) and left for a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.

August 6.  First day of last day of high school. I’m a senior.

Music the language of the world. It connects everyone together and it was what brought me and my friends together to a musical festival on September 16th. 

Another milestone for me, October 15th, was the day I turned in my first college application. Right on the deadline. As my whole family crowded over the portal to see me turn in my application, everything felt right and I knew everything would turn out alright too.

On Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd, nothing extraordinary happened. My parents, immigrants, never really celebrated thanksgiving (or accidentally missed the holiday). However, this year I have felt so thankful for everything I have been given. I experienced many struggles this year more than I have ever in my entire life so far. I know life will get harder, but it will also get better. As we sat in the car, eating fast food, listening to music, and laughing at our dog’s silly tricks, it reminded me to keep looking for the beauty in the small things in our life.

December 31. 11:59. Everyone starts chanting the countdown. And happiness and excitement fill the room. Tomorrow will be another day on our planet. It’s no different from the rest of days we have spent. We can choose to keep improving ourselves and striving for excellence. Or we can slump back into our old habits and routines. It’s up to us of what we make of this year, and what we make of this day.

As we reflect upon our past year, may we remember every day is a new day. We don’t have to wait for a new year for new resolutions. So, take a moment and think about where you are in life, and where you want to be. Happy New Year!

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  • Im sorry about your moms accident, and yes you’re right. a lot of times we take small things such as the conversations we have with people for granted. I think my goal for this 2018 is to stop rushing and trying to do so much and slow down snd just be thsntful for what I have !!!!

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