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Muscat, Oman – an unlikely beauty

Muscat, Oman – an unlikely beauty

We tend to obsess ourselves with striking words like “top,” “popular,” and “best.” Travellers will often ask: where is the best place to stay? what’s the top photo destination? where can I get the best food? While these questions are reasonable and should be asked to prepare for your trip. Don’t obsess over getting the perfect trip.

Because blindly following everyone’s footsteps of what makes the “best” trip, won’t make it the best trip. It’s the experiences you have, the mistakes you make along the way, the wrong turn to a beautiful sight, and the new sights you find. Take a chance to explore and discover new things for yourself. Who knows, maybe you might stumble upon an undiscovered place…

On my vacation, I had originally only planned to go to Dubai. After all, everyone has raved on about the beauty of Dubai. Indeed, it was beautiful! However, for me, the most beautiful part of my trip was my impromptu visit to Muscat, Oman. The hidden natural beauty of this city had been overshadowed by the hype of Dubai. The magnificent mountains, breathtaking sky, and the stunning ocean bay had pleasantly surprised me!

Leaving the scenic views to go on our boat ride.



A beautiful sunset ūüôā


Overall, my entire trip was amazing both Dubai and Muscat! However, when exploring don’t just rely on travel guides and the top destination guides. Take a chance, and maybe you will find something unexpectedly amazing. Read more about my Muscat Trip: ¬†Muscat Boat Ride Gone Wrong ‚Äď Stormy Weather!¬†Dubai Trip:¬†More than just Dubai City¬†,¬†Dubai ‚Äď The Mesmerizing City¬†,¬†Dubai: Sand Dunes Safari¬†.


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