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Muscat Boat Ride Gone Wrong – Stormy Weather!

Muscat Boat Ride Gone Wrong – Stormy Weather!

My aunt and uncle live in the beautiful city of Muscat. So, my family and I decided to make a quick stop there after Dubai. And it was a great decision, the natural landscape of the place was amazing!

The first activity we had planned was an island excursion to Daymaniyat Islands. And it sounded exciting! A long and scenic boat ride with dolphins to the islands where we could go swim, snorkel, and eat. Thrilled, we made our way to the boat docks, but the trip was nothing like we anticipated….

We leave the wondrous mountains in the distance for our boat ride.
The water is so blue and the we have a great view (by the way, this is the type of boat we went on).
The weather is perfect! The skies are clear, and the water is calm.
Just like they promised, beautiful views (you can’t argue with the beauty of this place).

However, soon after our boat reached extremely deep waters in the Gulf of Oman. With the land waning away in the distance, we were surrounded completely by water. Then unluckily, the weather started turning sour. We didn’t think much of it till the turbulence was obvious with the boat nearly going underwater with all the waves and everyone was swaying back and forth (some even falling off their seats) with each turn of the boat.

The weather starts to get more gloomy, and the waters more turbulent!
Hey, but I still got some nice pictures despite the weather!
Holding on to your seats like you’re gonna fall off…!

Due to the extreme weather, I put my camera away giving up my hope to see a dolphin during the excursion. Also, it was quite frightening and I didn’t want to risk my camera being snatched off my neck by the angry winds. However, these are the last few pictures I took of the waves before the weather actually became horrible.

Crashing into the waves, we are getting soaked!
My camera is literally getting soaked taking these pictures!

After the sea and wind, tossing and tumbling our boat back and forth in the shaky waters, a kid tosses his cookies and throws up, and many kids start to cry, prompting the captain to finally declare that it is too dangerous to complete our journey to the island. However, the ride back wasn’t a breeze either. The weather was still horrible, the boat seeming ready to flip all of us over any second. It was only when we stood on solid ground, everyone finally felt at ease.

The weather starts to clear up near the land.
We are finally on the mainland!

While this experience isn’t reflective of every island excursion at Muscat, it was my experience. The entire day, which was supposed to be spent on the island with their numerous activities was instead spent at a nearby fast food place and driving around the city. However, in all honestly, its not the location, the activities, the things you do, but the people you spend your time with that makes the experience amazing.

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