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More than just Dubai City

More than just Dubai City

Travelers – we believe we have been to places. But we haven’t. We have never truly been to a place. As a traveler, we are on the outside, we will never know the place, like the locals. Yet, here we claim that this city is the best; this location is perfect; this place is unrivaled. However, how would we know? To truly know if something is the “best”, we have to see it at its worst and at its best. And that’s what we often forget. There is so much more to a city than the tourist sights, the adventure safaris, and the “cultural” shows.

I’m not claiming that I have truly been to a place. I haven’t.

In the short time, I was in Dubai. I had barely even met the city. I had only seen its skyscrapers, its hotels, its sand dunes, and its attractions. But there is so much more to it. Looking past the corners of elegant hotels, you can see the streets filled with laborers making just enough to feed their families, girls walking to their school, the cultural assimilation of individuals, and so much more.

I never really got to experience the city, but here are a few moments, that I thought I would share,


Dubai is known for hosting one of the best yacht shows in the world. However, we forget that there are so many different types of boats that this city has. Not all of them are luxurious, not all of them are in pristine condition, not all of them are fancy. But this boat is equally as beautiful as a yacht because it tells an unique story.


When we are sitting in our restaurants and hotels, we never stop to realize where everything is coming from. Dubai has a huge shipping industry, and so many people make their entire living off of shipping goods to Dubai.

IMG_2869 (2)

When we think of Dubai architecture, we think about the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab, Atlantis. While those pieces of art are certainly magnificent, they are not representative of the entire city. Not everyone lives in a fancy hotel or a towering apartment building.


The Dubai Museum was my chance to experience Dubai’s history and culture. In fact, the monuments and sculptures were my influence for this post because they told another story of Dubai, not just the story of luxury, but of perseverance and commitment.

IMG_2897 (2)

There is so many beautiful thing in this world, and we never get a chance to express our appreciation for the small things. So, you may not be the star attraction of Dubai, but thanks for making me smile when I looked up at the ceiling.


In my opinion, this was one of the most beautiful scenes in Dubai. In the city that has so much cultural diffusion, they still proudly showed off their religion with historic mosques being preserved amongst the modernized buildings of the city.


The most surprising thing about Dubai is the cultural assimilation. Usually, whenever I visit foreign countries only a handful of people spoke in English and the rest their own native language. However, most people I talked to in Dubai spoke English because nearly 80% of Dubai is comprised of immigrants from various countries and to just talk to their neighbors they had to learn how to speak English.


While I still have an outsiders perspective of the city, I thought I would share these not so glamorous shots of the city. If you lived in Dubai, make sure to comment below about your experience! What is it that tourists don’t realize about your city? Also, if you have not already, check out my other posts about Dubai (the more glam pictures): Dubai – The Mesmerizing City and Dubai: Sand Dunes Safari.

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