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Dubai – The Mesmerizing City

Dubai – The Mesmerizing City

A Poem for Dubai 

They proudly stand, glimmering in the sun’s rays, as if to say nothing can come in my way. Looming over us, and ready to crush us like ants, without giving us another glance. The jungle of concrete grows from the depths of the human desire to conquer the throne of the skies, so they go higher. Their hands keep reaching for the skies, with everyone’s eyes on them, they continue to try.

Welcome to Dubai, UAE!
A quick drive through the city, shows off the beautiful skyscrapers in the city.
Time for the fountain show…
Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world!
Too tall for the camera 🙁
We leave Dubai City for a breezy yacht ride.
The views are amazing!!!


Watching the sunset over the jungle of concrete.
IMG_2887 (2)
Heading back to our hotel, after a beautiful day in Dubai!

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