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Lessons I Learned from my Dad

Lessons I Learned from my Dad

Dear Dad,

It’s Father’s Day. Instead of a generic old letter about how much I value you, how much I love you, or how much I appreciate you,  today’s letter is going to be a little different. I want you to know how you have impacted my life and taught me to grow as a person. Disclaimer: I still value you, love you, and appreciate you.

1. Appreciate the little things.

Dad, I have it lucky. I am given practically everything I need (and want). However, not everyone is that fortunate and you have taught me that. Your own childhood was pervaded with hardships and difficulties, unimaginable to me. You often biked miles to get to school, and if the weather took a sudden turn for the worse, you hopped on a crowded bus that took nearly hours to get home. You not only worked long hours to aid with your family business, but studied diligently for hours late at night, just to wake up before the birds to do chores and take care of your siblings. With erratic electricity, water, and other basic necessities, you still managed to not just fulfill everyone’s expectations, but exceed them.

You have taught me through your (sometimes tiresome) lectures about your life that I should be grateful for everything I have because there is so many more people in this world who have it tougher than me. So, if they can do it, why can’t I?

2. Work Hard. 

Dad, I bet even your wildest dreams as a child never expected you to live the life you are living now. You immigrated to a totally foreign country, have an amazing job, and an equally amazing family. For a kid, who rode a bicycle to school you are doing impressively well. The reason for your success is hard work. You once told me,

“Today’s challenges make tomorrow’s champions.”

and you have proved that quote to be true. Through every struggle you faced, you continued to persevere. You worked hard at school, studying by candlelight when the power went out. You worked hard at your job, spending long hours at the office and traveling on short notices. You worked hard at raising your kids, giving us every opportunity we need to succeed.

Your lesson of working hard has allowed me to grow and flourish as an individual. Because I know that you can’t just count on luck or fate, you have to make the effort in order to receive any sort of result.

3. Stay Strong 

Dad, no matter the situation you have always been my rock. I know if anything goes wrong, I can count on you. Through every crisis we have gone through, you remain level-headed, calm, and collected. Rather than focusing your attention on all the negative possibilities, you analyze the situation, figure out the best way to keep us all safe, and act on it. Be it, navigating a steep slope during a storm with boulders coming down on us, or just deciding where to eat; Your firm decisions and composed nature is something I have always admired.

You have inspired me to become stronger every single day. As I mature and become more independent, possessing a strong and level-headed behavior has become more important because I realize you may not be by my side all the time. So, acting in a rational manner, rather than frantically will help me avoid or minimize any issues I face, just as you have.

Thanks for all that you have taught me in these 16 years, and I look forward to so much more you have to teach me in the upcoming years. Happy Father’s Day!


10 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from my Dad”

  • What is more important is, in this fast world, some one wrote about DAD. Wonderful.. I am late reader but I am a DAD too. I understand, me as a Dad not sure what to expect from my son or daughter, but as a son of my father it was so different. I always thought if my DAD is there then i have solutions to every thing, if my dad is there, i can win any thing, if my dad is there then i am not alone, if my dad is there, even a bicycle is like a RR. I love my dad, i remember those days we did not have even a bike, i used to go with my dad on a cycle to market. You know i still feel that was the best trip and i give lots of values. I feel mom and dad are our god and we must respect them, take care of them always and wish the world never forget a mom and dad when they are old. Thanks all

  • I love this. I think the biggest thing I learned from my Dad is to not let the little things bother you. Theres too much great stuff in life, to be mad. When your mad, you miss all the other great things, and usually what your mad at, just isnt worth it.

    • Yes, definitely! We don’t necessarily give them all the appreciation they deserve at times (I’m quite guilty of that) 🙂

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