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How to make the most of your summer ☀️

How to make the most of your summer ☀️


Summer vacation has begun for most high school students. It’s the time for relaxing by the pool, hanging out with your friends, watching five seasons of a show in one sitting and eating ice cream whenever you want.  However, recently  summer break has become more than that. It’s become a time for students to learn new skills, take up new hobbies, and make yourself stand out to prospective colleges. Here are some ideas to make the most of your summer while you still can…

  • Internships

Internships have become increasingly popular amongst students. You should choose an internship in something you are genuinely interested in. For example, if you want to be a fashion designer, an internship at a hospital won’t benefit you, but an internship at a fashion company will. Internships will give you a chance to develop skills which one could only learn in the field. Additionally, it will provide a great experience, you can meet new people and learn new things. Internships will really give you a feel of how working in a real job feels.

  • Summer Jobs

It’s the classic go to. Colleges loved it and they still love it. But make sure you show commitment. Don’t just work for two weeks at the pizza place then never come back. Work every summer at the pizza place to show how committed and hardworking you are. And if you can try to change things up, find innovative ways to advertise, and maybe start a web page for the store. Also show improvement, the first summer a waiter, second summer lead waiter, and then third summer manager.

  • Camps

Going to camps, is probably the best part of summer. Make sure you go to camps that you enjoy whether it be tennis, robotics, debate, orchestra, sculpturing, technology etc. It will not only develop your skills and improve yourself in the area, but a great time to make friends and enjoy yourself. You’ll come back to school with better skills and cool friends.

  • Summer Classes

Yes, I know summer classes sound horrible. But, they are a great way to get ahead in school and fit in classes you want to take. Maybe, you really want to take art the following year, but you have to take a required class such as health. You can take health over the summer and then take art. Or you want to get ahead in Spanish so you can take Spanish Level 1 a year earlier than your classmates. Summer classes are very useful in both cases. However, keep in mind that summer courses aren’t for everyone. They are to be taken seriously and are part of your GPA.

  • Learn a new skill

Summer is the perfect time to take up new hobbies and activities. Maybe you always wanted to learn karate, but never got the chance. Summer is the perfect time to discover things you like and things you don’t. You can learn a variety of skills, maybe a new language (HTML, Japanese, Braille), arts (clay, sculpturing, designing), or just straight up facts from that book on Ancient Egypt you’ve been wanting to read.

  • Volunteer

Make a difference in your community. Volunteering shows how much you give back. Most colleges like to see people who volunteer and many high schools have programs that give you certification if you complete a certain number of hours. If possible try volunteering at events you actually like,  volunteer at a hospital if you want to be a doctor.

  • Start a new “thing”

Over the summer, you have a lot of time. Use your creativity and make the most of it. Start a community project with you and your friends. Open up a nonprofit organization or maybe even a small business in your garage. Who knows you might be the next Bill Gates.

  • Travel and have different experiences 

Traveling is a great way to spend your summer not only is it fun and exciting, but it’s rewarding too. These experiences you will make can make a big impact on your life. It’s a great opportunity to learn about different places, people, and cultures. Also, your experiences can indirectly help you (the way you think about things) or directly (college essays).

  • Plan and Prepare

If you can’t do any of these things, there is one thing everyone should be doing planning and preparing for next year. Get all the textbooks you need, and maybe extra study guides for that really hard course you are taking. And just don’t wait for school to start to actually read them. Get ahead of the game and start early on.

I really hope you can make your summer vacation useful with these tips. Good luck!


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