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Save your Spring Break

Save your Spring Break

Hey everyone,

My spring break is going to end as of tomorrow, and I barely got anything done. Hopefully, some of you with later spring breaks or the next spring break can salvage yours before it’s too late.

The main reason, I think my spring break went to waste was because of how late I woke up in the day. During days off, I usually sleep till 11 AM. However if you want to make something out of your spring break the key is to wake up early. Sadly for all you dreamers, it takes more than sleep to accomplish your dreams. But remember spring break is for resting so don’t get up outrageously early, maybe wake up around 9 AM instead. Just remember you don’t want to be sleeping during the daytime, the time you could use to do many other things. Also if you wake up earlier the day feels a lot longer. Trust me, by the time I got ready after waking up at 11, it was time for lunch, after that it was already the afternoon, then night and repeat. It’s scary how fast time moves.

Another reason my spring break flew by without me getting any work done was because of the most well-known cause procrastination. I kept on thinking to myself its fine I have a whole week to do this, then 4 days, and all of a sudden I only have 1 more day to finish a whole paper. A method I use for dealing with procrastination is thinking about the task a different way. Think about all the fun things you can do tomorrow and if you want to do all of that you have to finish the task at hand, so you can do exciting stuff tomorrow. And anyways, you already spent so much time thinking about doing it today, you can’t waste all this energy on it tomorrow as well, so do it right now. Overall the best tip I could ever give you is, do today, not tomorrow. Without realizing it, time will fly by.

Finally, the last way to save your spring break is to spend less time on your phone. Yes, spring break is all about fun, but sitting in one place crouched over a phone is not the definition of fun. But without realizing it many of us do exactly that every day for fun, not just during spring break. Instead of just texting your friends all the time, maybe spend some time with them. There are much more interesting things to do than spending all day on your phone. To make sure you aren’t wasting time on your phone get apps that track how much time you spend on your phone and even send you alerts that you’ve spent x amount of time on your phone today. After getting that app I realized that some days I spend over three hours on my phone, not the thirty minutes I had planned to spend.

Well, hopefully, these tips can save your spring break.


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